I compose films, trailers and other stuff...
Had great time producing a track called “Intelligence Leak” for this amazing album by GianTapes and Really Slow Motion.
“B.U.R.N. is our very first rock/apocalyptic/hybrid/industrial release. Guitar riffs, gritty bass, impact drums and apocaliptic vibes very soon out. Covert art by Ryo Ishido” -RSM
I had a wonderful time writing some pure badass rock for this release. My track ‘Full On’ is featured second on the album.
I worked recently on the first album ‘Exitium’ for Giantapes pure trailer music catalogue. Its going to kick some ass.
The album features a track of mine “Quantum Bond”
Had a great opportunity to work alongside some really big names and good friends on this massive album for RSM.

The album features a track of mine “Planetary Alignment”

The new album ‘Viking Warriors From Outer Space' is out. I had wonderful time working on it with my good friends at Epic North Music. Check it out on Amazon, Itunes and Spotify.
Album features tracks: “Eliminator” and “The New King”
Loved working on this awesome album for RSM.
Album features tracks “Maximum Penalty”, “Metal Trunk” and “Sky Heist”.